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October 12, 2019

Najlae & Rajae, Two Female Moroccan Mechanics Breaking Barriers

Rabat – Whoever said Muslim women are afraid to get their hands dirty is swimming in a sea of stereotypes. Rajae and Najlae, two young women from Tetouan, have proven to Morocco (and the world) that when veiled Muslim women have a dream, they persevere to make it happen.As part of the U.S. Government Let Girls Learn initiative recently promoted in Morocco by U.S First Lady Michelle Obama, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) recently released an inspirational video of two young Moroccan women pursuing their dream: studying to become mechanics, in the hopes of opening their own mechanics shop they hope to call “Princess Auto.”“I chose mechanics to break down barriers imposed on women in this field that is monopolized by men,” 23-year-old Najlae Lashqar says in the video. The two sisters are currently completing their second year studying mechanics and are the only two women in their class of 8.Gesturing with greasy hands and wearing mechanic jumpsuits, the two passionate sisters explained that ever since their childhood, they have always loved everything related to cars, engines and motorbikes.The duo did not hesitate to bring up the difficulties they face in the job market. “The problem is clear: there are no jobs [for women].” explains Najlae. Her sister, Rajae, adds, “When you go to the companies to ask for a job, they tell you, ‘Just leave and I will call you later.’”Their shared dream of opening their own garage has lasted throughout the years, driven by their desire to break down walls of judgement once more. ”Princess Auto,” according to them, would allow women who have cars to bring their own cars for fixing instead of asking their brothers or other men to do so. read more