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June 19, 2021

The Illusion of “Free” Education in North Korea

first_img North Korea tries to accelerate building of walls and fences along border with China RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR SHARE By Daily NK – 2009.07.20 6:20pm In May, 1990, Kim Jong Il was appointed First Vice-Chairman of the National Defense Commission, and in December of the following year became the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army. Through this process, Kim grasped supreme command of the Military and the Workers’ Party, and secured the foundations of his power. At that time, Kim Il Sung was the titular head of state and National Defense Commission Chairman, but had already become a symbolic figure. The leadership was falling gently into Kim Jong Il’s hands. While Kim was moving to secure his power, the economy was moving into a phase of rapid deterioration. As the Warsaw Pact was dismantled in 1991 following the collapse of the Eastern European communist bloc, North Korea’s international aid and trade took a hammering. These national financial crises seriously affected education. ▲ The nominally gratis education systemIn 1977, North Korea launched an 11-year compulsory education system, and poured flattery on itself as an “education state.”Kim Il Sung called children national treasures and made frequent onsite inspections at educational facilities. Every New Year’s Day he watched a special children’s performance. However, Kim Jong Il did not have nearly as much interest in education as his father. When he was a candidate to succeed, he accompanied his father to inspections at schools, but after Kim Il Sung’s death he stopped doing so. Instead, Kim Jong Il consider students just supplementary workers for farm-support activities in spring and fall, and as targets for exploitation. This is all about the campaign, “Do good things.” The most popular “good things” are raising rabbits and providing the People’s Army with aid. If students don’t have rabbits, the schools take their money instead. People in South Korea tend to think that the time when North Korea’s free education system started collapsing was after the famine, but in reality it was the 1990s. As state investment in education was reduced, schools began operating autonomously, depending on their students in many ways. The first example of the need to “do good things” was providing coal in the early 1990s. During the Kim Il Sung period, coal had been provided for schools first, before other facilities, but since his death, education facilities have been largely excluded from provision. It is impossible for schools to solve their heating problems without state support during the winter, but they do their best by forcing students to give firewood, coal or money. Most parents would prefer to educate their kids by paying a certain fee, rather than providing such things in the name of doing “a good thing.” The list of educational hardships is almost endless. Further examples include;– Nowadays, schools have problems providing students with text books, which were free in the past, so students have to use their seniors’ text books. Excluding Pyongyang, less than 50% of students get new, free text books every year. – Every time desks, chairs, school roofs, fences and others facilities are repaired, students have to pay for it. – In universities and senior schools, students have to give a certain degree of bribe like firewood, gasoline, alcohol, or money in order to take exams and get credits, too. News The Illusion of “Free” Education in North Korea Entire border patrol unit in North Hamgyong Province placed into quarantine following “paratyphoid” outbreak center_img Facebook Twitter There are signs that North Korea is running into serious difficulties with its corn harvest News News News AvatarDaily NKQuestions or comments about this article? Contact us at [email protected] last_img read more

May 2, 2021

Rastko Stojkovic to play for Serbia at EHF EURO 2018

first_imgRastko Stojkovic to play as domestic player in Israel Rastko Stojkovic to play again at RK Vojvodina ShareTweetShareShareEmail 1 Comment Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Related Items:Rastko Stojkovic Pingback: God nyhet för Serbien: Stojkovic klar för EM – handbollskanalen Rastko Stojkovic retires: I feel like at home in Poland, I have learned from Lindgren in Nordhorn… 1 Comment ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsExperienced line-player Rastko Stojkovic decided to postpone knee surgery scheduled for January 10 and joined Serbian team at preparations for the upcoming Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia. The 36-years old member of Meshkov Brest has problem with meniscus, but it is clear now that surgery will wait for some other period of the year.We will be much stronger with Rastko in the roster. I really respect his gesture – said Serbian NT coach Jovica Cvetkovic.Serbs play friendly match with Macedonia today, while the last two clashes are scheduled for January 9 and 10 in Slovenia.“Eagles” play their first match at EHF EURO 2018 with Croatia on January 12. In this group are also Sweden and Iceland. Recommended for youlast_img read more

September 28, 2020

Pipe vandalism costs man thousands

first_imgIf thieves steal the piping to your water supply you have to pay the price. That’s what Pinelands tour guide Walter Boesch learned to his great cost – R24 074.90 – to be exact.The nature of his job means he’s away from home often and twice last year he was a victim of vandalism and theft.“The first time was between July 28 and August 6, when my girlfriend noticed in the afternoon that thieves had stolen a garden shower and the copper piping by ripping it out of the ground. Then they took the copper and brass pipes from an outside geyser at the back of my house, between August 27 and 28. “At 12.45am when the damage was discovered, I immediately contacted my plumber to stop the leaks and went to Pinelands police to report the incidents and lay a charge of theft providing affidavits and plumber’s reports to testify what happened at my home,” said Mr Boesch who sent photographic evidence and correspondence to the City of Cape disputing the charges for the leaking water.“I asked our councillor, Bryan Watkyns, how to report the incidents to the municipality as I do not think I should be accountable for the water loss as I am the victim here. Since these unfortunate events I have paid thousands of rands on water losses, spent more on plumber’s bills and on improving security around my walled property (the thieves managed to scale a 1.8-metre high wall) and put in more security lights, another alarm and security gate to block access to the geyser alley.“The costs are not the problem, but it is the fact that the City is holding me to ransom for the water bill as a result of the thefts. Firstly, they imposed an exploitative water charge of R217 765.24 and a sewerage charge of R5 910.74 for the loss in the respective period. I did not get an explanation about how the municipality calculated these amounts although it is related to the excessively high water tariffs which were imposed during the drought last year,” Mr Boesch said.“I struggle to understand how such thin copper pipes can cause such dramatic water spillage between the time the thefts took place and my plumber stopped the leaks. “With the help of LegalWise I have been dealing with the City ombudsman and the accounts department and as a result they applied a rebate which left me with a whopping balance ofR24 074.90. “After the thefts I decided to pay the average they charged for rates including water and sewerage which I considered fair. A month before and after the thefts I was billed R3 413.81 and R2 989.24 respectively, so I paid R3 201.53. “At this stage my spreadsheet showed I didn’t owe anything, except they have to refund me R594.14 in interest I paid in error. But they are still claiming water arrears ofR24 000 which is when I sent a complaint to the ombud. After taking a pathetically long time to respond it was referred back to accounts. The ombud probably didn’t read any of the affidavits and correspondence I sent. Then the municipality threatened to disconnect my water; luckily I was home when the team arrived and managed to persuade them there was an appeal pending, Mr Boesch said.At the time he had a nine-week-old daughter and two tenants at his house and if the City cut the water they could have harmed the baby and forced the tenants to move out.Mr Boesch said in the 20 years he has owned his property he has paid his municipal bills every time and on time and doesn’t think he should be accountable for events beyond his control.“The City is blackmailing me through their Business Administrators to recover the money and they will list me with the credit bureaus. I don’t use credit so it won’t get them anywhere. They said they would recommend that the City get a judgment against me. I hope they do then I can tell the judge my sorry story. The City management is inaccessible to the ordinary ratepayers who have to deal with call centre agents,” said Mr Boesch.“I pay taxes for a functioning police service, which did not protect me. I have become a victim of crime with all concomitant issues that go along with it: time, stress, not to mention the financial aspect.”Acting mayoral committee member for water and waste, JP Smith, said their records reflect the incidents reported by the customer.“Water consumption showed a marked spike from July 2018 to September 2018 because the pipes were stolen and the water was allowed to run to waste,” Mr Smith said. “Although this is an unfortunate incident, we cannot shoulder the cost of this lost water. According to the relevant legislation, property owners are responsible for the cost of water lost through leaks/breaks on their property’s plumbing. “Given that this incident occurred during level 6 water tariffs, where the cost of water increased steeply to encourage saving during the drought, the incident had an extreme impact on Mr Boesch’s bill. We have reduced the bill substantially but the balance remains payable. Mr Boesch can make a payment arrangement and we will suspend any action, unless he defaults.”Mr Smith suggested that to minimise the risks of this happening, residents should turn the water off at the stopcock before they go on holiday.last_img read more

August 13, 2020

Health officials say Denver has high binge drinking rate

first_imgDENVER | Health officials in Colorado have released new data indicating that Denver residents have a high rate of binge drinking.The Denver Post reports the Denver Public Health department’s analysis found that more than one in four Denver residents binge drink.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classifies binge drinking as five or more drinks for men and four or more for women in a period of two to three hours.The report says Denver not only exceeds other areas of Colorado, but also has higher rates of binge drinking than Las Vegas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Austin, Texas, which are considered peer cities.Officials attribute the difference to the culture of the city, where alcohol is easily accessible due to a high density of bars, breweries and restaurants.___Information from: The Denver Post, https://www.denverpost.comlast_img read more

August 12, 2020

Look…you better be nice to ‘MA!’ – Octavia Spencer stars in horror film (June 5)

first_imgLike us at https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Pittsburgh-Courier/143866755628836?ref=hlFollow @NewPghCourier on Twitter  https://twitter.com/NewPghCourier by Bill Neal, For New PIttsburgh Courier:10—You can add in all the obvious expletives you want. All I can tell you is “Ma” is all of them. Ms. Octavia Spencer hands in a horror performance that will fit in with the likes of “Saw,” Freddy, Jason, Carrie and the Wicked Witch of the West. Please go see it for three reasons. No. 1. A Black woman is the lead in a horror flick, first time ever. No. 2. It’s good…really scary, unpredictably good. No. 3. You don’t have anything better to do!:09—Well, the Golden State Warriors, as I predicted, would win the Sunday night Game 2 of the NBA Finals over the Toronto Raptors. So now let’s see what happens as the series moves to Oakland Wednesday.The series is tied at a game apiece.:08—To that point, for all you wannabe basketball minds that think Golden State is a better team without Kevin Durant, I suggest you reset your meds cause you’re clearly delusional!:07—It’s closer than you think. Get ready, Steeler Nation. The Black and Gold report to St. Vincent College on July 26. It’s go time, baby. BTW, have you noticed no one…nobody…is talking about the deserters. You know who they are!:06—Serena Williams falls to Sofia Kenin in the third round of the French Open. Thirty-four unforced errors will do that to you. Being 37 years old doesn’t help much, either. Not to worry, greater days to come.:05—I am truly surprised that you’re surprised…that your Pittsburgh Pirates are 50/50. That’s been the presumption since they returned from spring training. Given the level of injuries the true surprise is they’re still in the 50/50 race. But, the thing to remember is there’s not a better time to be had than a day at the park. It’s the best baseball park in America, there are no bad seats, the food is the food, and it’s baseball. C’mon, man!:04—Speaking of baseball, a few things about the late, great Willie Stargell. No. 1. The likeness of his statue at the park is tremendous. No. 2. While you’re loving Josh Bell for the run he’s on, as well you should, remember the path his balls are taking have been traveled before by Mr. Stargell. No. 3. And most importantly, he was one of Western Pa.’s greatest humanitarians.:03—That being said, mark your calendar for the 45th Annual (and consecutive) Willie “Pops” Stargell Pittsburgh Allegheny County MVP Awards Luncheon (Most Valuable Person) featuring the Connie Hawkins Pro/AM Summer Basketball League Hall of Fame inductions. This year’s inductees include Billy Varner, Myron Brown, Derrick “the Mailman” Gordon, Pete Harris, Coach Ron Bougus, Ty Givner, Darrell Porter and others. Thursday, June 20, all live on “Soul Take Champions Live” sports talk show…Friday, June 21, proclaimed Connie Hawkins League Day in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County…also on June 21, Connie Hawkins Reunion at Sugar & Smoke Restaurant, 6 p.m. until… and Saturday, June 22, at noon, the Stargell MVP & Connie Hawkins Awards at Sugar and Smoke. Call Achieving Greatness Inc. for more information, 412-628-4856.:02—Don’t remain the only person in town not listening to “Soul Take— Champions Live” sports talk show every Saturday on urbanmediatoday.com from 6-7 p.m. Why, you ask? That’s where you get all the information for the big event.:01—As usual, I am late to the dance, but…“Game of Thrones” is all that and wings and fries. Mannnn they are crazy, crazy. And when they say heads will roll, they mean heads will roll! Now I get it like all of you got it. Whew!!!:00—GAME OVER!last_img read more

August 5, 2020

Prices rise on increasing yard

first_imgAt Baw Baw Livestock Exchange, Warragul, last week’s Fat Cattle sale saw an extra 400 head penned. With vendors hoping…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img