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May 24, 2021

Perdue, Nunn Square Off In First U.S. Senate Forum

first_img For Whom The Bell Rings Related Stories Georgia’s two U.S. Senate nominees squared off for the first time Thursday during a forum hosted by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce at the Marriott City Center in Macon.As heard on the radio1:44While Republican candidate David Perdue mainly took aim at national Democrats, saying Nunn would be a proxy for their failed policies, Nunn went after Perdue, framing him as an obstructionist Republican who’d only add to Washington gridlock.Nunn’s attacks started with the first question, posed to her, about why she doesn’t fully support the Affordable Care Act.Nunn said the healthcare law has “challenges,” adding the government should add a more affordable tier, extend tax credits to small businesses and delay the employer mandate.  But she said the law is not beyond repair.“David has said he wants to repeal this,” she said. “I ask you, do we really want to be having this same argument about ACA in six years? Can’t we actually come together and work together to build upon some of the things that are working?”Yet Perdue reiterated his calls for repeal.            “I just don’t believe that the bureaucrats in Washington get in between patients and doctors, between doctors and insurance companies, and between insurance companies and patients is a better way to go than the free-market solution,” he said, adding he and his wife’s health insurance plan had been canceled as a result of the ACA.Both were asked whether they’d support a Senate immigration bill passed more than a year ago and endorsed by the national Chamber of Commerce. Their responses followed the same pattern as before.In his opposition, Perdue said the Obama Administration “isn’t doing enough to enforce current laws.”“The fact that implied amnesty is on the table is one reason why we have the debacle on the border today. This has been this president’s position all along. I disagree with that,” he said.In her support of the bill, Nunn accused Perdue of distorting the Chamber’s position in campaign ads. She also pointed to a contentious endorsement meeting Perdue had with the Chamber during the primary runoff.“After 10 minutes he walked out in anger. He said that,” Nunn said. “And so this is the kind of issue that we need to be able to stay at the table, to work out, to actually make a difference around.”The two candidates did agree not to support raising the federal gas tax to keep the Highway Trust Fund from running out, which is expected to become insolvent by the end of August without a long-term solution from Congress.The two agreed money needs come from cuts to government redundancies, though neither offered specifics on which agencies should be cut.Libertarian Amanda Swafford will also appear on the November ballot, but was not invited to this forum.  Share Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility 1:44 | Play story Add to My ListIn My List ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Partylast_img read more