January 14, 2020

Ramjattan doesn’t know how to deal with the crime situation

By admin

first_imgMr Editor,When I read about bandits invading the Ramada Princess Hotel, I knew immediately that we have crossed the line in the sand in the fight against the criminals.It is now an established fact that since my fellow Berbician was made Minister of Home Affairs or even dressed it up as Public Security that he confirmed that he ain’t able with the job. Since he became the Security Minister, we have sent the ants to catch the tigers. In every society the freedom of the criminals is a test of its civilisation and clearly Guyana has now returned officials to banana republic status similar to the days of the Roger Khan/Fine Man reign.With all these military officers in power wasting tens of millions on salary and travel on themselves, we continue to fail the people on the crime-fighting front. These military people have no time with the welfare of the people as they empty the Treasury on themselves.As a Berbician, it pains me to see the Ramjattan administration struggle this much to the point that it starts to seriously resemble the Rohee administration. I do not want to see him fail but it is clear that Ramjattan is the new Rohee.I have always been trained to recognise that irrespective of how competent you think you are, honest people know their core competence and never dabble in areas they are not competent.Khemraj Ramjattan might have made an excellent Attorney General or Minister of Legal Affairs, or even Agriculture or Education but a successful Home Affairs Minister he shall never be.Today he continues to bring great shame to Berbicians as he looks even more incompetent than Rohee. But he is not a man to his word. Two years ago he said that Rohee must go and Rohee was a failure and he was right. But now given the chance to prove himself, he has now ended up worse than Rohee. Thus the call is only fitting – Ramjattan must go!Ramjattan has limited training in the art of criminology; zero experience is the trade of crime fighting and thus is poorly qualified to do this job. This was nothing but a political set up by the PNC to destroy, and destroy him they did.Today Berbice wants nothing to do with Ramjattan as our people continue to be slaughtered like animals, while he sitting like a fat cat living off the state, driving our prados and living off of our money and he cannot even serve us competently.When I saw how he begged Minister Harmon to join him at the jail to engage the criminals, I was convinced that Ramjattan is afraid of the criminals.He might be a good lawyer, a good book boy, a good legal researcher, but what he is not is a street boy and unless you got street sense, you cannot win this war against crime.Keeping Ramjattan one more day in the Ministry of Public Security will only cause greater harm to this nation and most importantly to himself. Bottom line is Ramjattan ain’t able with this portfolio so why is he fooling himself?Sincerely,Jai (Harry) Lall,Corentynelast_img