September 21, 2019

Indie Android developer shows free apps can generate 1000 monthly

By admin

first_imgIf you are coming to mobile app development for the first time then the path ahead of you can look very daunting. There’s already hundreds of thousands of apps out there covering just about every feature and bit of functionality you could ever think of. How on earth are you going to create somethign different and get someone to spot your app, let alone pay and download it?Fear not, there is hope as one independent developer from Poland has demonstrated. Poland is a territory Google does not yet allow on the Android Market, but KreCi as he is known, has 6 Android apps available to download and use on your Android smartphone. What’s surprising is he gives the apps away for free and relies on advertising to generate revenue.While that may sound like a practice that would generate only a few dollars every month, KreCi is pulling in over $1,000 a month now that his apps are established. He’s been kind enough to share both the download figures for each app and the money generated over the past 6 months as shown below:Apps available for download:X-Ray Scanner (over 268 000 downloads)Cracked Screen (over 182 000 downloads)Virtual Drums (over 20 000 downloads)Daily Beauty Tips (over 11 000 downloads)Don’t push it (over 6 500 downloads)WP Stats (over 4 000 downloads)Sales figures:May 2010 – $4.92June 2010 – $138.87July 2010 – $538.26August 2010 – $920.00September 2010 – $1545.45October 2010 – $1059.31While $1,000 may not be a vast amount of money to pay the bills and live on every month, it’s certainly proof that there is money to be made from distributing free apps loaded with advertising.Read more at KreCi’s blogMatthew’s OpinionI think what this demonstrates is that even in a crowded market, if you have a good idea and an entertaining app people will use it.Offering something as a free app is a double-edged sword. On the one hand there are fewer barriers to get users to download your app, but on the other hand it’s harder to keep them using what is commonly seen as a throwaway set of apps.KreCi seems to have cracked it by offering entertainment apps that a user wants to keep on their phone and use regularly. Interestingly KreCi comments that usage of his apps remains high as long as regular updates are being applied. If he stops updating them revenue goes down, so it’s as if the update acts as a reminder and gets people using again.last_img