September 21, 2019

Facebook iPad app discovered hidden inside iPhone version

By admin

first_imgWill there ever be a Facebook app for the iPad? Some thought the possibility seemed unlikely following a Facebook mobile event late last year, where Mark Zuckerberg responded to that question by saying the iPad was a computer — and not really mobile in the truest sense.Zuck doubled back, however, adding that “we all love Apple products” and that the iPad isn’t mobile in the same way as our smartphones. That certainly sounds like someone who was tipping his hand ever so slightly. And perhaps Zuckerberg was coyly hinting at the soon-to-be existence of a big-screen version of the iOS Facebook app.Marvin Bernal, a university student from Toronto studying computer engineering, discovered something interesting about the latest Facebook app for the iPhone. If users of a jailbroken iPad change the UIDDeviceFamily in the app to a 2, the Facebook app offers up a totally different view.One of the biggest changes you’ll note is that Facebook adds a chat sidebar that looks and functions very much like the one you may have used while browsing the Facebook website on your desktop or laptop. Unsurprisingly, much of the rest of the app feels mostly like a scaled-up version of its iPhone cousin — though the coupling of the mobile app experience with that of browsing the Facebook site on the iPad is certainly a compelling reason to use it.Since the code has already been sitting in the App Store for a while, it likely won’t take long before the new universal Facebook App is ready to install on your non-jailbroken iPad, too. In the meantime, those of you who don’t want to tinker with anything and are OK with waiting can check out the images posted over at TechCrunch for a sneak peek.More at TechCrunchlast_img