September 21, 2019

After 13 years a new Final Fantasy 9 side quest has been

By admin

first_imgFinal Fantasy 9 is one of the best JRPGs ever made. After the series found mainstream popularity through the use of giant swords, enormous hair, swords that are guns, and hands that are guns, FF9 dispensed with the magic-and-technology approach from the previous two installments. It hearkened back to a time of fantasy — huts shaped like mushrooms, adorably stumpy characters, and a story that didn’t only involve chasing around some guy with silver hair who really enjoys stoically standing before a backdrop of raging fire. The game released way back in 2000, and has been sitting atop the Final Fantasy throne for quite a while. For such a highly acclaimed piece of playable media released 13 years ago, you’d think players would have found everything hidden across the game’s four discs by now. YouTube user GarlandTheGreat proved that notion wrong, and showed us all that the game still has full-blown side quests hidden beneath the well-crafted story.The quest starts near the beginning of disc four, in the hideout of Zidane’s theater-and-bandit troupe Tantalus. A character is wandering around wondering where some other characters are. If you head over to another zone in the game and complete a fight or watch a scene, then head back to the Tantalus hideout, a different character will be wondering where other characters are. If you repeat this cycle enough, you’ll eventually reunite the characters and receive an item, a Protect Ring.The side quest doesn’t light the world on fire, but it has a tangible reward, and went undiscovered for around 13 years in a game that had much more complicated secrets — like the chocobo treasure hunts or the invisible Tetra Master opponents — scattered around the world. This new discovery serves us well: if you think that wall texture in your MMO of choice looks a little weird and could be a hidden door, don’t give up on your crazy theories too soon.last_img