September 21, 2019

A Bluetooth tooth fulfills destiny of Bluetooth also helps you quit smoking

By admin

first_imgBluetooth has always had a name that resembles a villainous troll in some subpar high-fantasy fiction, or the kind of teeth you expect the Blue Man Group to have. Instead, it’s a name for shortwave radio transmissions. You also wouldn’t expect a tiny, cheap computer to be named after a delicious flavor of pie, but the modern world is a strange place. However, a WiFi, Bluetooth enabled tooth sensor will finally bring the Bluetooth naming convention some justification.Researchers at National Taiwan University have developed a sensor that is embedded into your tooth, and can tell when you’re doing unhealthy things, such as eating or drinking too much, or smoking. If dentists have their way, this sensor could also theoretically tell when you’re lying about your brushing and flossing habits, or if you’re hiding a tongue piercing after the dentist explicitly told you to take it out. The little circuit understands various mouth-based movements, such as speaking, smoking, chewing, and drinking, and can report back to a doctor’s smartphone, so there’s no denying your guilt.The prototype only consisted of WiFi capability, and had to use an external wire for power on top of that, but it was only a prototype. It was able to identify the proper oral movements around 94% of the time. The next stage in the grand plan is to install some kind of rechargeable battery, as well as give the tooth Bluetooth capabilities. The sensor would work as a self-help aid by way of pure, unadulterated shame. It’s always easy to lie to yourself about how you can break a diet so long as you do an extra couple of sets at the gym later, but it’s much more difficult to break your diet when your shame is on display.The research will be presented in September at the International Symposium for Wearable Computers, so you don’t have to worry about your dentist guilting you into giving up your mouth-based freedoms just yet.last_img