September 21, 2019

GOCMV to hold meeting…again

By admin

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria (GOCMV) will likely hold an extraordinary general meeting on July 5. The issue on the agenda will be the amendment of two articles of its constitution relating to the electoral system. The meeting has been called by 105 members who have signed a petition, with Apostolos Kounelis and Dimitris Paikopoulos spearheading the initiative.Initially this issue had been scheduled to be debated during the extraordinary general meeting scheduled in May which was also due to consider the members petition calling for early elections. But a legal representative for Mr Kounelis and Mr Paikopoulos asked for  this meeting to be canceled as they deemed it to be unconstitutional. Furthermore, they demanded an extraordinary general meeting be convened for the sole purpose of considering their petition for changes to the method of election. However the May extraordinary general meeting  was cancelled two weeks ago.In a new letter the GOCMV, Mr Kounelis and Mr Paikopoulos ask for the GOCMV to act on their petition or face the consequence; that is that they will organise the extraordinary general meeting themselves and  bind the Community to whatever decisions are taken. “They have no other choice. This Meeting has to take place. If the Board does not do it, we’ll do it ourselves,” stressed Mr Kounelis to Neos Kosmos. He also clarified that they had asked for the cancelling of the Extraordinary General Meeting to hold elections because it was “unconstitutional” and they didn’t want to become entangled “in other peoples” games”. Mr Kounelis further suggested that their petition is even more relevant now because of the mass signing of new members. “Lately, over 2,000 new members have been signed up in a fashion that is very contrary to constitutional requirements. “If elections were to be held with the existing electoral system, the faction that has signed up more members will manage to control the Board. “But if our proposal is approved and a more proportional electoral system is put in place, no faction will have the absolute control of the Board,” said Mr Kounelis.GOCMV President Bill Papstergiadis confirmed to Neos Kosmos the mass signing of new members, stating that “everybody does it”. Sources within the GOCMV suggest that on Monday alone 700 new members were registered in an unprecedented and outright attempt by all factions to boost their electoral hopes. “Unconfirmed reports indicate that the father of one Board member was distributing membership applications like “there’s no tomorrow”. This practice, according to experienced Community insiders, will lead unavoidably to new ‘legal headaches” unless the membership roll is cleared up.last_img